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Can’t Find Free Time for a NSA Encounter? Here’s 5 Tips to Make Time for NSA Sex


Some people claim that they do not have time for a NSA encounter, but if this sounds like you, question your real reasons for missing out on sex. NSA Australia

People who have full-time relationships might have a good reason to complain, because they have so many different demands in their lives, but if you are single and looking for some casual action, then the only thing you need to do is make time.

If you are claiming that you don’t have time to fit sex into your schedule, then is it possible that you just don’t know where to get it, or how to start?

Finding a NSA encounter can be a long and complicated process for some, however we are offing 5 tips so that you can make time for sex, and find it quickly also.

1: Make sex a priority in your life
There is no need to be embarrassed. Make a deal with yourself that this year you’re going to have more sex. Make it a priority, like you would commit to a new job or a holiday that you’ve been dreaming about.

There is nothing wrong with boosting up your dedication to sex, and there is no reason you should be ashamed to tell your friends in a positive and confident way.

What you will find, if you are open to NSA encounters and actively start seeking them out, they will come into your life easier.

You may not realise it, but if you are negative about sex and finding people to have sex with, then you will be sending out a vibe to other people that you’re not interested or unavailable.

Once you start thinking positively and confidently about sex, and making it a priority in your life, you’ll soon find new and exciting opportunities opening up.

2: Make time for sex in your diary
Yes that’s it! Write it down. Tuesday night at seven o’clock – sex! If you feel uncomfortable about writing those three letters in your diary (and making a commitment to keep your appointment), then write something else.

It doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you know what it means and that you will be there to get some. Even if an emergency comes up, don’t fail to meet your schedule. Some things are very important, and sex is one of them!

3: Join an online dating site
The great thing about online dating is that you can get straight to the point. Yes, you do need to chat to people and seek them out online, and that takes time, but it can be a lot more convenient and time saving then hanging around in pubs and clubs.

The great thing about online dating is that everyone knows what they are there for, and are not afraid to speak up about it.

If you are looking for a NSA encounter, then join a site that supports this, and tell your potential matches that all you’re really looking for is some hot and steamy sex!

4: Make it quick
There is nothing wrong with a quickie. NSA encounters are not about long talks and walks on the beach. Find a great partner who has a strict schedule too, so you can both get in and get out without any time wasting and complications.

5: Worry less about time
If you’ve met a great guy or girl, and you are having sex, the last thing you should think about is time. You might even realise that the things that kept you so busy before aren’t really that important in your life. And, if you really are busy, then your NSA encounter might be exactly what you need to rest and relax for a while.

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