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NSA Dating? What She Means When She Says ‘I’ll Call You’

NSA Relationship

Are you looking for an NSA relationship? If so, you certainly are not going to be alone out there. NSA Contacts

There are a number of men out there who are looking for the same thing as you are and many women who are looking for it as well. In fact, NSA dating is becoming more popular than ever before.

Because of this, you will run into more and more women who are into this type of dating but you will also run into those who might give you mixed messages.

One of the things that women will often say to men that might be seen as a mixed message is, ‘I’ll call you’.

So what does a woman really mean when she said ‘I’ll call you’? Read on to find out:

She Might Not Want to Hook Up
Though most people who are in relationships considered NSA are fairly open about who they are and what they want, it is quite possible that you will run into those who aren’t very honest, too.

One of the ways that a women might not be honest when she says ‘I’ll call you’ is that she actually means, ‘I am not interested in you’. In other words, she is telling you, ‘I’ll call you’, but meaning, she is not interested. That way, she is hoping you won’t call her.

She Might Want to Keep the Relationship Discreet
Another reason why a woman might say ‘I’ll call you’ is that she wants to keep the relationship discreet. When she calls you, she will be able to call when it is convenient for her. This way, she will also not need to worry about ignoring you and giving you the wrong impression.

When a woman says ‘I’ll call you’, and definitely wants to see you, she will certainly find a way, even if it isn’t convenient for her at the time.

She Might Be Playing Hard to Get
You also might find that a woman will be playing ‘hard to get’ when it comes to her saying ‘I’ll call you and she doesn’t. In this case, she actually will want you to call her, but she won’t come right out and say it.

You might want to tread lightly with this type of women, especially when in a NSA relationship, since you probably won’t be into games.

She Might Be Seeing if You are Into Her
You will also find that some women will say “I’ll call you’ to find out if you are really into her or not. In this case, she will be wondering if you are going to call her first because in her mind, she thinks if you call her, it means you want to sleep with her.

Of course you probably do want to sleep with her, but this isn’t something that she will likely catch onto until this dance is done.

She Might Really Mean It
Finally, when a woman says, ‘I’ll call you’, she might actually mean that she will call you. How can you be sure? The best way to handle this is to be upfront and honest with her from the start. If you want to hook up with her, let her know this from the beginning.

This way, you can eliminate any of the games that might occur and you can be sure that she is on the same page you are. If she’s not, it will be easy enough to find someone who is.

Though women can be quite perplexing, at times you will eventually find the one that is right for you if you stick to your search for a NSA relationship.

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